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Empower Your HR team with Tech Boosters

MyDodos is designed with all types of real-time use cases in mind, making it easy for HR professionals to manage all HR functions, from employee onboarding to administering benefits. MyDodos fosters employee engagement and satisfaction by providing them with self-help tools to take care of their needs and benefits.

Our Features


Employee Onboarding Just Got Better

Make a lasting impression on your new hires with a personalized onboarding experience.

MyDodos automates the entire onboarding process for new employees. HR professionals can easily manage new employees who can get up to speed efficiently, as MyDodos makes the pre-boarding and post-boarding a simple task.

Mydodos creates a tailor made onboarding process to welcome, engage & retain your new employees.

Efficient and Dynamic Payroll Process

MyDodos provides employees easy access to their payroll information and assures that they get paid on time. The MyDodos Payroll Management Module automates the entire streamlined payroll process. From time tracking to tax calculations, MyDodos allows HR professionals to rest easy as it takes care of extensive data entry work.


Attendance Management-Your Digital Gatekeeper

MyDodos manages employee attendance in an efficient manner. The program allows you to regularize attendance and empowers your on-site and remote employees to check in from anywhere with its cloud-based attendance management system.

MyDodos supports almost all the third-party attendance-capturing systems available in the market that help you to pick up attendance data in all ways imaginable.

Drive Employee Performance with Robust Performance Analytics

MyDodos 360 performance Module streamlines & automates the whole evaluation process. 360 performance module helps HR professionals to make data-driven decisions with real-time data insights on employee performance. It also encourages a culture of growth and development in your organization.


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